Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 in review

2012 is gone! Poof! No more!

It was a fantastic year for us, even if my blog doesn't show it (sorry for the lack of attention lately). But my resolution is to write something every day- on one of my many currently-ignored blogs, or a journal, or attempting short stories/fiction.... I just need to get used to writing more. So hopefully that means the blog(s) will get more love.
Camille has undies here, you just can't see them. This was her first day in big girl undies.
So, 2012:
We sold our Houston home and moved to Woodstock, GA (just NW of Atlanta) in June (we're renting a home here). We still love it here.

We love our gym nearby, the church we go to, our neighborhood, the seasons, the rolling hills... if I had to say there is a downside it's that we still haven't found a social niche and we're very far away from family and friends.

Camille turned 2 in October. She has these big bright blue eyes (which get cross-eyed pretty often) and her hair has come in curly/wavy- if I style it, I can get ringlets all around. She was potty-trained in September and does a great job- now diaper and pull-up free for 3 months+! She talks ever-so-much more than Daniel ever did at this age and picks up a few new words a day. She's adorable, and she knows it:).

She definitely has strong opinions but she is easy to snap out of a bad mood as well. She will hug/kiss/cuddle anyone willing. She eats a lot of honeycomb (the cereal) and is a bit of a neat freak- she will not tolerate food mess on her hands or face, she loves to organize our shoe pile, and she WILL NOT SLEEP without Bambi under her right arm, Manatee under her left, and brobee above her head just-so.

Both kids play on our iphones pretty nonstop... I'm pretty sure Camille's first word was "phone?".

Daniel turned 4 (!) in April. He now goes to pre-k (it's free in Georgia thanks to the state lottery) and loves it. We had our first-ever parent/teacher conference and he got glowing reviews (aside from his need to learn some classmate's names... 4 months into the year).

This kid talks non-stop, and wiggles non-stop. To be honest, the physical clinginess is killing me. Aside from that though, he's a good kid. He's a wonderful big brother, he loves to compliment others (usually within a few minutes of meeting someone he'll tell them they have pretty hair or a nice shirt), he loves to share... really he has a heart of gold. But oh, the wiggles... I can barely handle it anymore;).

We play a lot of video games together and for someone who can't count above 13 without skipping numbers, he's quite the pro at Fable II.

Kenny turned 28 in May, and ran his first marathon in October. He loves being a stay-at-home dad and is pretty much the best dad ever. No really. I can't express enough how much I admire him- his patience and involvement with the kids makes me wish more dads had the chance to stay home with their kids (though I think Kenny is pretty uniquely wonderful;)).

I (Jenn) have had a crazy year- in a good way. So many changes. I feel a bit like this year was my
"coming of age" year- I guess I'm a late bloomer. I'm not at all who I thought I would be as an adult- religiously, geographically, occupationally, physically, politically... pretty much everything turned out differently than I would have predicted. But I also would never have predicted I would be this happy.
I was promoted to direct a team of 8 at work (well, the number varies) and it has been a really amazing and challenging experience. I do really enjoy it though and can see myself seeking out more management positions in the future. I'm still doing some pretty neat work with some really big companies (we mostly work with Fortune 500) and work with some of the most awesome folks in my industry.
I got a Kindle a few months back and now read a book every other day or so. I've also rekindled my interest in the harp (turns out it's much more interesting if I find pieces I can sing along with). I travel every other month or so for work and while I miss my family, I'll admit it's nice to not be clung to for a few days every now and then. Because when I'm at home, this is my life:

We had a few trips and a few visitors over the year- we went to my family reunion in Birch Bay, Washington in July and truly had a blast. We also traveled to Utah in September and got to introduce the kids to their great-grandpa Kenny (my husband's namesake, obviously). He passed away only a few weeks later, so we were thrilled to have been able to see him.

My parents came for thanksgiving and we had a blast, the kids still talk about them a lot. Then this last week our best friend from BYU, Ben, came and visited for a whole week. The kids love their "Uncle Ben", and Kenny and I were happy to get some good gaming time in:).

Christmas brought a lot of books and legos for the adults, a bike for Daniel, and princess barbies for Camille (who loves to organize THEIR shoe pile, too).

All in all, a wonderful year. Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store.

Note: The well-done professional-ish photos were taken by my sister Lori- the full album can be seen at her website.
The rest of our family photos from the year can be seen at my smugmug album.

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