Thursday, September 06, 2012

Daniel's Priorites

Daniel's bedtime prayer last night:

"Heavenly Father, please bless that I will write my name all by myself; please bless that I will beat daddy at the breaking ice game and not make the ice fall down; thankful for my toys, thankful mommy plays DeBlob with me... *burp*... scuse me... Amen."

Thought that was worth sharing.

Again, I don't have time for an original blog post, but my sister-in-law does a fantastic job of putting together a Family Newsletter based on snippets we send her, so I will copy the snippets we send, so my in-laws aren't the only ones who hear what's up for us currently. Sorry, in-laws, for being repetitive:
  • Kenny continues to train for his marathon on October 28th. He is running a minimum of 6 miles a day, but usually more.
  • Daniel has started preschool and likes it a lot.

  • Daniel continues to take swimming lessons on the weekend at the gym and loves it.
  • Daniel has taken a special liking to one of the care takers at the child care center in the gym, Ashley. Kenny asked Ashley if she would be interested in baby-sitting Daniel and Camille, and she had been hoping we would ask. Kenny and Jenni got to go out for their first date while in Georgia. They said it was to celebrate their 6th anniversary (even though it was a week late). They went to a fancy French restaurant and then to go see The Bourne Legacy.

  • Jenni surprised Kenny with some home-made Mario fridge magnets for their anniversary. She had a lot of fun making them. Kenny surprised Jenni with a not-home-made sapphire necklace.
  • Jenni has been promoted to a management position as the Director of Implementation Services. She enjoys helping out her colleagues in their tasks.
  • Jenni got a Vitamix blender for her birthday. She enjoys making lots of smoothies and blending in spinach/kale to help make the treats a little healthier.
  • Camille is starting to say lots of words such as: light, nose, mom, dad, leg, ball, dog, car, truck, Daniel.
  • Kenny has been missing his regular game group that he had in Houston and has not been able to find enough interested and committed people to start another one. He did however find a gaming store very near his new home that hosts Magic tournaments. Kenny is now using that to feed his gaming needs. Every Thursday night, Kenny gets to go play in a Magic tournament. He was worried that after about 10 years of being out of the game he wouldn't do so well, but quite to the contrary, in his first tournament he placed 2nd out of 24 people. In his third tournament he placed first out of 30 people. He is now king of the nerds. (I added that part)
  • Jenni is enjoying practicing and singing in church choir every week.
  • Daniel earned his first Lego set ever.


Kat said...

I think Daniel Rocks!

kevandcan said...

Great to catch up